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We are a exotic entertainment directory in California primarily focusing on Strip Clubs. Reporting on everything strippers!  What we do is give you an honest and unbiased opinion on stripping, whether it be an agency or a club you’re looking for. Our goal is to provide the most extensive resource in the exotic entertainment industry and make it easier for you – the consumer – to find the agency or club that best suits your needs. Strip Report is your reliable source for stripping information!

Club listings that are current and updated. Our staff screens our listings weekly making sure that the information is up to date. This can be labor intensive monitoring the industry and calling monthly to ensure the phone numbers are active and the clubs are still open. We wouldn’t want you driving to a club just to find out they are closed. When your looking for a strip club, we maintain the largest and most accurate database of stripping websites in California.

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Strip Club and Agency reviews and ratings. Each listing has three sections. Letter Ratings are based on information compiled from industry insiders, current and former exotic dancers, party planners, customers, and workers. Hundreds of hours were dedicated to make the letter rating as accurate as possible. Editor star rating is based on our teams research into the company. User star rating is based on public feedback.

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