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The Gentlemen’s Club Lounge Rated B

The Gentlemen’s Club Lounge

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The Gentlemen’s Club Lounge reviews


5175 West San Fernando Rd. Los Angeles, CA. 90039

This club is located right off of Highway 134 via the San Fernando Rd. exit. They do have valet parking, and the area is kind of shady, so take advantage of this service. The cover charge on a typical night is $20 for men and the ladies get in for free, but there is a 2 drink minimum after entrance. I like how the club looks at night time, during the day it looks really industrial, but the inside is a whole different experience. I really liked the decor in this club, I mean it’s the classic strip club look, but how the seats are arranged toward the stage, and the way the booths are built seems to provide a little more privacy. Depending on how much you tip, the strippers in private sessions will let you get away with some things. The dancers knew what they were doing on the night I went. Either private dances, or up on stage, these women were not too bad. This club can be a hit or a miss though depending on what day you decide to go. If you show up on a Monday afternoon, expect to see the soon retirees. If you are in the area and would like to see a dance, stop by on a Friday or Saturday night, and bring some extra cash.

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  1. This is by far one of my favorite clubs and also their chicks all look so good!

  2. love the strippers they be really good at talkin to ppl nd DEY HOT!

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