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City Limits Showgirls Rated C

City Limits Showgirls

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City Limits Showgirls reviews


5809 Auburn Blvd. Sacramento, CA. 95841

City Limits Showgirls is one of the only clubs located in the actual city of  Sacramento, CA. They’re 11.5 miles from the heart of Sac, in a tiny building in the middle of a parking lot. The surrounding area looks like it’s seen better days, but what can you expect from a strip club location? At least the parking is good. Inside I found the dancers to be overly pushy and they seemed pretty desperate, while showmanship was at a minimum, but they were at least attractive. Oh, and it’s $15 to get in. That’s all I have to say. Just a run of the mill strip club I suppose.

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  1. Cover is decent for what you get, gotta agree with the reviewer. The girls are pretty pushy. At least they’re cute. 4/5 get the girls to CHILL and it’d be a 5/5

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