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Club Fantasy Rated C

Club Fantasy

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Club Fantasy Reviews


851 Richards Blvd. Sacramento, CA. 95811

Two miles from central Sacramento lies Club Fantasy. The pink building isn’t much to look at during the day time, but during the evening the sign lights up neon. They have a small private parking lot that fills up pretty fast, so take a taxi or parking on the street is going to be the second option. Make sure to not go alone to this bar since the atmosphere can be a little sketchy. This club is okay, but there are other clubs that fit my fancy. If your in the area its worth poking your head in.

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  1. if you havnt shot a deer your not welcome heer

  2. okay so i want to give this club the three stars it deserves. DESPITE my misunderstandings with the manager, this club does deserve three or four stars. their environment needs some class but their booths are private, fair prices, sweet girls, nice bar. it was worth the visit and i will be back again. i work at deja vu and out of all the clubs in sac, vu and fantasy are where you get your moneys worth. i am not paid by anybody to write this review i simply love strip clubs and i think these are your best picks.

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