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Pacer’s Showgirls Rated C

Pacer’s Showgirls

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Pacer’s Showgirls reviews

3334 Midway Drive, San Diego, CA. 92110 1-619-222-2000

Pacer’s Showgirls San Diego is 10 miles from central San Diego, next door to a tailor shop in a busy downtown area. The area looks pretty nice. This is the first Pacer’s club I’ve reviewed, but their site says “Pacer’s International,” so I assume I’ll be writing more about these Pacer’s clubs in the future. Anyway, back to the San Diego Pacer’s. The parking is free valet or street, and there’s a $20 cover on most nights. Some nights they have a $2 steak special, and the food is surprisingly decent. On normal nights they have $5 steaks that are also very good for that price. The environment is very fun and upbeat in this club; with a bar in the middle and a stage on either side, you have a pretty good view of a stage at almost all times. The inside of the club is pretty big too, and very clean. After each dance the bouncers come out and sweep up the dollar bills that were thrown onstage, which I found hilarious. The only downside to the stages is that they’re really far away, so people resort to balling up, paper planing, or spear throwing their dollars onstage. There’s a “make it rain” machine connected to their ATM, making the experience that much more fun. I feel like after all of this I may visit Pacer’s next time I’m in San Diego!

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  1. the make it rain machine is cool, and their steak is decent, ESPECIALLY for being only $2. i heard someone compare the girls dancing to godzilla being pelted with bullets when the guys were all throwing their dollar bills at them lmao!

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