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Pure Platinum Rated B

Pure Platinum

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  • Parking

Pure Platinum Club Kearny Mesa reviews


4000 Kearny Mesa Road San Diego, CA. 92111

The Pure Platinum is located right off of the 163 Cabrillo Freeway, just take the Balboa Ave. exit and head toward Kearny Mesa Road. They owned a parking lot, which is great, because I give a sigh of relief since in big cities, sometimes they don’t have this luxury. I ended up paying a cover charge of $10 on a Friday night, once entering the club, I had a fantastic time. The stage is a good size and very well lit, so I could see the dancers from the bar or from the booth. Like stated, this has a full bar, so only topless dancers at this club. The strippers were gorgeous, and for Friday night, they were into it. I ended up paying for a private dance, which was pricey, so bring a loaded wallet, but the girl I chose let me get aroused and touch her in certain places, as long as I asked. She was very straight forward in the beginning of what was appropriate or not. The private room was beautiful as well, very well lit, and a great big couch just for me. I enjoyed my visit at the Pure Platinum club, the staff was great and I would recommend going during peak hours. Like I said, bring some extra money and you get what you pay for.

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  1. i’ve been to the ‘Plat many times, and it definitely is a “Platinum” experience! ;)

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