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The Body Shop San Diego Rated D

The Body Shop San Diego

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The Body Shop San Diego reviews

3776 Riley St. San Diego, CA. 92110 1-619-295-5588

The Body Shop is located off I5 on the Camino Del Rio exit. They do not have a parking lot, but there are plenty of places around this area that you can park.This is a 18+ club, so no alcohol, and no clothes. The cover charge is $10 dollars, but you get a lifetime pass with that, so if you are in San Diego for the weekend, you can come back the next day for free. There is also a two drink minimum of that costs $10, so basically your second or third visit is still going to cost a little bit of cash. I enjoyed the range of strippers they had at this place, and I enjoy punked out women, so this place was a little gem in the rough for me. If your into it, they do have free pool till 6pm, and a television if you want to watch the game, but after 6, they are usually playing adult movies. This place has its ups and downs, but if you are in the area, I would check this place out, especially over the place next door.

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  1. The body shop in LA is one of the best clubs in town, but this one sucks! Make the trip to the one in LA. It’s worth it!

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