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Centerfolds Rated C



Centerfolds Club reviews

391 Broadway St., San Francisco, CA. 1-415-834-0662

The Centerfolds Club is another club located on Broadway strip with no parking, so find a taxi downtown and come up so you save time and headache trying to find street parking. The cover charge is $30, which is pretty steep for what you get, but the club does have some features that other clubs don’t. I would recommend showing up early so that you can dodge the cover charge by 50%. First to note, this place is a huge labyrinth with rooms connected to rooms, but they have all sorts of different activities you can participate in. Also there is no alcohol, this is a fully nude club, just so your not expecting great drink specials. Bikini dances run about $20, topless in a private booth is $40, and a nude dance in a private booth is $60. One of the cooler features that I noticed was the Shower room, which you can watch a dancer shower themselves, if that is a fetish you are looking for. As far as the dancers go, these girls are mostly beautiful, that would explain the high cover charge. They have all sorts of girls, Ebony, White, Asian, so as a patron, I was able to find a dancer I was looking for and rented a private booth. I think for this place, if you have the money, you will enjoy yourself and have a great time, but if you don’t feel like spending a good $100, go to one of the cheaper clubs down the street. I would go back to Centerfolds if I had the chance.

Click here to visit their website! www.centerfoldssf.com

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  1. It sounds like Crystal has good intinteons however the traditional Christian folks will always associate it with stripping. But let’s take this into account Rock n’ Roll at one point was also not accepted by the Christian community and now we have Christian Rock. So although right now pole dancing is not accepted in her community she might be on to something. I work with two non-profit orgs that are always looking for ways to raise money, maybe we ought to give pole dancing a shot. Pole Dancing to Feed the Needy!

  2. You need to be an adult, which is 20 in Japan. But plan on spending money. That’s how they make their money, by hainvg you buy as many over-priced drinks as they can get you to buy.

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