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Garden of Eden Rated D

Garden of Eden

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Garden of Eden reviews

529 Broadway St. San Francisco, CA. 94133 1-415-397-2596

The Garden of Eden is located on the Broadway strip along with the other Deja Vu owned clubs. As I mentioned before, look for a parking garage downtown that’s open late and take a taxi up to the area. Once you get here, be prepared to pay the $20 cover charge, and a side note, this place is fully nude, so no drinks except non-alcoholic. The atmosphere is very condensed, it’s a very small club, but you do get a good view of the dancers on stage. The stage is lit up green, one pole, and is very small compared to other clubs I have been to. I kept thinking that this place may be kind of trendy for the locals during St. Patrick’s Day. The owners decked out the entrance with a lot of fake foliage, to give it the garden feel, but these Eve’s are far from pure. The strippers here can be a hit and a miss, most of them do not look like top notch dancers. I felt that the atmosphere was aggressive, as far as the dancers go, so be prepared when going in, unless you have a bunch of cash and are willing to ‘make it rain.’ The dancers like to pull females up on stage too, so if you are bringing women, especially a girlfriend with you, be prepared for that as well.

Click here to visit their website! www.goe-sf.com

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  1. I totally want to do this for my birtdhay! I have to harass Karen to see if her brother is interested. He is a photographer on the island but I think it would be a fun (and sort of expensive) trip to make! but everyone wants to feel sexy and run away some times! Plus I’m giving loads of notice so we can budge it in! The end of November is still a couple months away.I can’t wait!! and Gina, what on earth is a suicide girl!? I kind of LOVE you should I be concerned?

  2. I went here with some of my partay girls and like they said here, we stood too close. They started groping and undressing me in front of everyone! Next thing I knew I was topless, but some random creepy guy gave me a $5 tip! Ha!

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