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Hungry I Club Rated D

Hungry I Club

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The Hungry I Club reviews

546 Broadway San Francisco, CA 94133 1-415-362-7763

The Hungry I club (who’s name I THINK I understand but I can’t be too sure about,) is another Deja Vu owned club on Broadway. There’s a $20 cover as with most ‘Vu clubs, and it’s in a small colorful building. The parking is street only. The dancers inside do some major acrobatics on those poles but the dances provided are just your everyday average lap dance. The performers in this place are all natural which some may or may not appreciate since opinions tend to differ. There’s a smoke machine in there that just completely stifles you because the machine is too big for their small space. The dancers don’t hustle you for tips or dances in this place, which is nice. Even though they have natural bodies a lot of them aren’t too much to look at and this place is mostly good for just hanging out and getting a drink at their bar. Being one of the smallest clubs on Broadway it isn’t really surprising that the best dancers aren’t attracted to this place. Still worth a visit in my opinion.

Click here to visit their website! www.hungryisf.com

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