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Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Rated B

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club


Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club reviews

1031 Kearny St., San Francisco CA. 1-415-434-1301

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is located on Kearny St. a half block South of the Broadway Strip. Like I have said with most of the clubs in this area, take a taxi and park downtown. There is only a couple of parking lots in this area and they are tiny. So on a Friday or Saturday night don’t waste 40 min of your time driving around looking for a spot. They do have valet parking if you want to take that option as well. As far as the club goes, this place is nice. First off, they don’t have a bunch of dancers outside of the club begging for dances and trying to pull you in. This place has a full bar and wonderful, professional, topless dancers. I like the main stage room, lots of mirrors and a very classy looking stage and seats. The cover charge can range depending on when you visit and what day it is, for Friday and Saturday nights it’s $15, which is cheap for how classy this place looks. The strippers were mostly the exotic type, but they have a little variety, so depending on what you are into, I am sure you will find a good lap dance. Some of the dancers were also very good on the poles which was impressive. Another good feature that the Hustler club has is it’s after hours on Friday and Saturday, they are open till 5am. If you came for the food, they have certain specials during the day time and the prices are a little high, but this is San Francisco, they would charge you to breathe here if they could. I didn’t try any of the food because I was too distracted by some beautiful ladies. Make sure you go on their web page and look at the specials and the events, seems like this place is always having something going on. When in the area I always try and stop by at Larry Flynt’s Hustler club in North Beach San Francisco.

Click here to visit their website! www.hustlerclubsf.com

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