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Little Darlings Club Rated C

Little Darlings Club

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Little Darlings Club reviews

312 Columbus Ave. San Francisco, CA. 94133 1-415-433-4020

Little Darlings is located on Columbus, but you will see it if you go to the main Broadway strip. They do not have parking or valet, so make sure to find a garage downtown and take a taxi up, unless you’re into driving around. North Beach district in general has hardly any parking, especially on the weekends. As with many of the Broadway clubs, usually dancers are standing outside trying to get men to come inside. Sometimes they are really aggressive, but usually they are nice and polite. If the woman at the door doesn’t look good to you, don’t judge the book by its cover. Also to note, depending on who you are with, what you are wearing, how busy they are, the cover charge can change. It is usually averaging right around $15 on a busy Friday night. The inside is smaller and a little more intimate and there is only one stage. There is a range of strippers, a big range, depending on when you go, hint, Thursday through Saturday are the better nights. You could see a skinny Asian, to a large white woman, to a curvaceous ebony, many combinations of strippers, some really hot, some not. The dancers are usually two women on stage sometimes with toys, or just dancing with each other. The DJ was good, the dancers get to pick the music they dance to, I heard a lot of Hip-Hop, and it’s such a smaller place that the music was extremely loud. Also something to note, in California if you serve alcohol, you can’t have a fully nude club, and this place is fully nude. So if you need to get a few drinks for courage before heading in to Little Darlings, get it at one of the other topless clubs. I am not too sure how much I would frequent this club since its not one of my favorites, but its definitely worth checking out, especially if its discounted or you find a free admission card laying around somewhere.

Click here to visit their website! www.littledarlingssf.com

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  1. Idk the cover for just this club but there’s a special deal on Broadway where you can buy a $40 wristband and get access to like 3 or 4 clubs!

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