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New Century Theater Rated C

New Century Theater

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New Century Theater reviews

816 Larkin St. San Francisco, CA. 94109 1-415-776-0212

The Century club is located on Larkin St. right off of Van Ness, also known as Highway 101. Parking is basically street, but you can find some parking garages in the area, so definitely take advantage of that. For example, the AMC theatre is close by and has an underground parking lot. First to note, this location is a full nude club, so sorry for you drinkers out there, but fortunately it’s in the Tenderloin district, so booze can be found at any of the ‘classy’ corner stores a block from here. Like I noted, this is in the Tenderloin, so hug a tree, and bring a friend. Knowing from experience, this area can get shady, especially on peak Friday and Saturday nights. The club is a hit or a miss depending on when you go. I recommend going on a busy night so you have the choice of the best looking strippers. The dancers featured are a full range of ups and downs. You can pretty much find any type that you are interested in, from large, to tiny, to curvacious, Asian, Black, Latin, basically take your pick. I loved the look and the layout of this place. The stage has 5 poles and is beautifully lit, so if you go at a good time, there is plenty going on onstage. I really liked the red, round booths, I think if they served alcohol here, my buddy and I wouldn’t have left. This place is open late, 4am on weekdays and 5am on Friday and Saturdays. The cover charge is steep for $30, but go on the website and look for certain events, they have some good specials. If in the area, go check out the New Century Theatre, it may change your night, for the good or the bad…

Click here to visit their website! www.newcenturysf.com

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  1. So I hate to admit this but I have unfortunately been to my fair share of strip clubs and the reason I am writing this review is so other people do not fall prey to what I experienced earlier today. Let’s just same for name sake the strippers name Chastity (not her real name) anyways she was great at your basic chit chat, and we went to the VIP Room…now here is the deal…this room is $500 for $15 Minutes…so that is $34 a Minute…so when or if you are here do not I repeat do not waste your time “chit chatting” because what happened to me was I was informed that we had plenty of time and not to pay attention to the clock and guess what…knock knock times up…she hadn’t even given me a lap dance ok so here I am $500 in the hole with not even a lap dance to show for it…but the story gets worse this is how big of a sucker I am…get ready…I give them an additional $300 so now we are at $800 for another 15 minutes except I used the stop watch this time…they knocked on the door in 10 minutes…once again this was my huge rookie error thinking it was better to be friends vs be a demanding jerk…yeah well time was up and I hate to admit this but I essentially blew $860 Dollars and didn’t even get a single lap dance. So do not do what I did because it was a very painful lesson. 1) Bring Cash with you because their ATM can only pull out $300 sometimes and VIP is $500 and if you need to use their credit they charge $550 v.s. if you bring cash for the same 15 minutes it is $440 so you save $110 right off the bat if you bring your own cash. 2) Pay Attention to the time in the VIP Room and do not waste a single millisecond because they are ninja’s about paying attention to the clock. Some of the girls actually felt sorry for me when then found out that I paid $800 for the VIP and didn’t even get a lap dance but oh well, the ownice is on me for not paying attention and being oblivious and it was a very costly mistake…maybe it’s a sign that I should stop going to strip clubs…will see.

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