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Nob Hill Theatre Rated D

Nob Hill Theatre

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Nob Hill Theatre reviews

729 Bush St San Francisco CA. 94108 1-415-397-6758

The Nob Hill Theatre is a male revue club in downtown San Francisco. The outside of the club feels uncomfortable, and there’s a $30 cover. This club is known to mostly cater to gays and inside the people don’t seem too interested in the dancers on stage. The music that they play is awful which many people have complained about it. Before you even get that far though, you have to walk through an adult store, which is slightly awkward for some people. The dancers here have been generally thought of as inexperienced, awkward, and when you pair this with the horrible cleanliness inside the club, you get a pretty grim picture. Unless this is your scene, I would avoid this place.

Click here to visit their website! www.thenobhilltheatre.com

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