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O’Farrell Theatre Rated A

O’Farrell Theatre

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O’Farrell Theatre reviews

895 O’Farrell St. San Francisco, CA. 94109 1-415-441-1930

O’Farrell theatre is located downtown between the Tenderloin and the SOMA districts. I would recommend not coming here by yourself, especially if you are visiting San Francisco since the Tenderloin is one of the more sketchy areas of SF, which isn’t the clubs fault since its been located there since 1969, but is good to mention. This place is a little more pricier then most of the other clubs in SF, but it is independently owned, so the strippers are friendly and very talented for your buck. The cover charge is $40, couples is buy one get one free, and there are specials if you don’t feel like shelling out that much to check it out. Dances can range from $20 to $80 depending on if you want a bikini dance, to a VIP topless dance. The dancers were great and I was treated very well so the price did not bother me. This club has a large list and range of dancers so stay a while and see who fits your fancy. If you are going there by yourself, approach the club from the West or the South, don’t walk through the Tenderloin. Check online for the good specials like the happy hour, $15 admission, but remember, you do get what you pay for at most businesses.

Click here to visit their website! www.ofarrell.com

3 Reviews

  1. Love this place. Hottest dancers, best performances, good drinks. What else do you need?!

  2. manager is an ass he kicked us out when we tried to negotiate cover price.. i brought 3 guys and 5 girls and each of us had a couple hundred bucks ready to make it rain. oh well.

    on the upside ive been here before with my other buds and the girls really are great. i would keep coming here if it werent for what happened last time

    • Mangers are always cool to me. Must have something to do with you.

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