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Pleasure Strippers is the oldest male and female stripping agency in the San Francisco Bay Area. Back in the year 2001 they were the first major stripping agency to post the actual photos of their entertainers. First to require that all entertainers had real costumes along with a sound system and lighting. They set the bar and actually created the modern strip show party games that most the strippers offer. Every single dancer is screened with a visual inspection and a background check before being sent out.

What we like most about their site is that every dancer has reviews. If any of their strippers receives enough negative reviews they are removed from their website if they don’t reverse the trend. If a customer has a bad experience they offer discounts on future parties and sometimes will provide a full refund. This is unheard of in this Industry.

It seems to us that the main reason why this company is so successful is that they are located in San Francisco. The only other male and female stripping agency is located over 150 miles away! The local strippers prioritize local agencies over the far away ones. Simply put, the chances that your stripper shows up to your party is better when the company is local.

Our conclusion is that you will have a problem free event booking with this agency based on the following reasons. Great customer support, the company has been around the longest, locality and quality control. We have personally seen many of their strippers through out the years and parties and clubs shows. While not all their strippers may be the best. The company as a whole is a step or two above the rest.

Pleasure Strippers serves the following areas:
San Francisco, San Jose, San Mateo, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, Fremont, Hayward, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Dublin, Livermore, Sacramento and every city in between.

Click here to view website www.pleasurestrippers.com

  • We were able to verify a business license for this website.

  • This company is located in SF Bay Area, California..

  • This company performs a background check of entertainers listed. For the safety and security of your party it is important to know that an entertainer has been properly screened before entering your home or party location.

31 Reviews

  1. I ordered a male stripper for my best friends bachelorette party. After sharing with my co planner we decided to cancel because of the negative thing we read online. The night of the party the stripper that showed up was not what we ordered and we turned him away. I decided to call them again and see if they had anyone last minute. We wanted a caucasian guy and the other company sent someone that did not even look like a stripper. I picked 5 choices from their website and was a little disappointed that our first choice was not available. They explained that it is difficult to get our first choice last minute.An hour later when the stripper showed up it was just what we wanted. Very impressed! He was very nice and when we explained what had happened during our stripper quest he was very informative and saved our party.After having a great experience I decided to order a female for the Bachelor party. The gave us a discount and the needless to say the party went great! I will only use this company in the future. They are very professional and I like the fact that I'm supporting a local business.

  2. From the moment I booked, Pleasure Strippers was unbelievably, undeniably professional and amazing to work with. Elizabeth called me very early on to confirm and proceeded to follow up with an email. I sorta questioned booking a stripper for my sisters bachelorette party due to the sometimes shady nature implicated with "adult entertainers" but I am so glad I did. I would book with them again in a second.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the wonderful gentlemen you sent to our party last weekend. I will keep you guys in mind for our next party.

  4. El was awesome, sexy and so sweet. He showed on time and the guest of honor thought he was a real police officer when he arrived. the person who booked our show was very professional and helpful so we knew what to expect. it was nice to get somebody that we actually kicked off the website. I would recommend this company to all my friends. Looking forward to our next Bridal Shower.

  5. I had booked a male entertainer for an all girls bbq w 415strippers, the stripper was late & refused to dance in the backyard, so his booking agent called me to insulted me w/ profanity, cancelled my booking & threatened to charge my credit card 50% for cancellation fees!! Desperately i called Elizabeth at pleasure strippers who was awesome, professional & courteous sent Damon right away! Even the girls said he was what they had in mind vs the 415 stripper guy. Damon was down to earth, polite, sweet, did i mentioned gorgeous?!! He made the highlight of the rest of the girls get-together, I would definitely use pleasure strippers again, no question about it…thanks pleasure strippers for delivering what u promote and MORE!!!!!

  6. I wanted to thank you for sending us 2 amazing strippers. The Bachelor was very pleased with the quality of your dancers. Both were very attractive and nice. I will be giving you a call for our next event.

  7. This company is one that I would use for any future entertainment events. They were sooooo PROFESSIONAL and the Customer Service was on POINT! I hosted a Ladies Nite Out event and they gave me just what I asked for and it was at the last minute. The service is one that I can truly appreciate :-) Stay doing what you do best….out doing the rest!

  8. The gentlemen on the phone was very informative and helpful. He delivered a very nice, handsome, tall male stripper to our bachelorette party. Much better than we expected. Great customer service and sexy strippers.

  9. Rianna, Is by far the best and my favorite girl….well next to my wife. First I love this company! Professional, outstanding customer service, and entertainment that sets the bar. After my brothers party everybody wants to get married. I don't want nobody else to host my party. Rianna is our girl. Thank you for sending to us such a beautiful girl! 5 stars for Rianna and this company!!! your loyal customer L.

  10. This is my second time I have had a stripper from Pleasure Strippers. First time went great. This time was a total joke. We ordered Black Maverick and it was the most horrible experience we have ever had with a stripper. First of of he did not want to take off his shirt unless we paid him. Second of all he was very aggressive and rough with the ladies. This guy does not know what he is doing and needs to learn people skills. We ended the party early and sent him home. VERY VERY DISSAPPOINTED!!!!

  11. I had a great experience using this agency. They were extremely competent over the phone. I had a lot of questions and they were very patient with me and explained how everything works and what to expect when the exotic entertainment arrived. I was on somewhat of a budget and they were very understanding and worked with me to make it affordable and still get exactly the type of show we were looking for. The entertainment we hired was very professional and friendly. He brought everything that he needed for the party and we didn't have to provide anything except excited girls with tipping money, which wasn't problem whatsoever. I am very happy with the service they provided. I did call around to other agencies and this was by far the most helpful and professional.‎

  12. From start to finish the experience of booking an exotic dancer for my friends party was excellent. Customer service was wonderful. Very helpful on the phone. I called several agencies and some didn't call me back. Others were just plain rude on the phone. Pleasure Strippers has it together with friendly, helpful staff. They guaranteed my choice of Antonio. And Antonio is the sexy stripper that showed up! He gave an excellent performance, smelled scrumptious, and was also very endearing and friendly. I am completely satisfied with pleasurestrippers.com and feel very comfortable in promoting and recommending their services.

  13. Alexis, your show last night was amazing. We all fell in love with you. Thank you for making my buddy's bachelor party totally awesome. Thank you to Pleasure Strippers for getting us such a beautiful woman on such short notice. I called this company very last minute last night to see if they could possibly get a stripper to us in San Francisco last night. We were needing one with in two hours of when I called because the bachelor needed to catch a late flight back home. Somehow, Pleasure Strippers managed to get us such a beautiful stripper in an hour and a half. They said, when I called that it would be difficult, but they came through and it was such an incredible show. The bachelor was so pleased and is now ready to tie the knot, having his last night of freedom such a great send off. I just can't thank Pleasure Strippers enough and I will recommend them to everyone I know!

  14. I attended a bachelor party in Sacramento last weekend. Two female entertainers were hired through Pleasure strippers for the event. Unfortunately I can't remember their names, I was slightly intoxicated that evening, but they were very beautiful girls. Very down to earth with excellent friendly demeanors and very dangerous curves. The reason I decided to write a review is that I have never been so impressed with the quality and entertainment of two strippers. They were really excellent and I would use this company for sure in the future.

  15. We had a Bachelor Party last Saturday night in Dillon Beach, and I just wanted to say, we had great time. The girls were awesome. Thanks again. We'll definitely use you guys again for the next party.

  16. We received excellent service from Pleasure Strippers. Our party was in San Jose last Saturday. Very beautiful girls and very much talent.

  17. If I could give this service more than 5 stars I would. I had two girls from Pleasure Strippers come to my brother's bachelor party in Santa Clara and damn they were fine! They both had banging bodies with big chi chis and nice round back sides and small waists. These girls really delivered and had my brother thinking twice about taking the vows. They knew how to work it and move and groove. They weren't skanky ho's like some other girls wev'e had from other agencies. They were beautiful, classy, yet wild. I hope to order them again. They keep running through my dreams all night!

  18. I filled out the form online and my inquiry was promptly returned for a mixed gay bachelor party this past weekend. Great interaction with the office and was told right away that Gabriel was available to come over. Their website was full of excellent information.Gabriel contacted me the day before and gave me some additional information. He showed up on time and was very nice and professional, in addition to looking better than his online picture. He performed an amazing show for the guys and the girls. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Can't rave enough about Gabriel's disposition, professionalism and showmanship. Would recommend them and will definitely use them again.

  19. Mostly all the stripper companies reviewed on here have a bad rap but that's because it's just tuff to get good insight on. When I called they immediately called back. The lady was super friendly. I explained to her the idea I had for my party and the package I wanted and she hooked it up. I asked about the reviews and her explanation seemed reasonable. People rarely give good reviews in this industry they primarily give bad ones when stuff doesn't go right. I got two ladies for my bday to come to my penthouse room in the city. They were on time, friendly and fun. You shoulda seen my boys and sisters having a great time. The next day my sisters even complimented how clean the girls were. Can't be mad at that. When I do this again I will def book through them. I'm rarely impressed but they impressed me and not just because I had breast all in my face.

  20. We hired two girls from this company and they had the best fake tits! I'd never actually gotten that close to fake ones before… they were nice. If you've never experienced them before, try them, you'll love them. The girls themselves were really cool as well. They did a great job and all my party animal friends had a great time. This is a really good company. We got the girls we paid for. They were on time and really were some of the hottest girls we've seen dance. Way better than going to a strip club.

  21. Under usual circumstances, this isn't my type of thing. I tend to find flirting over drinks to be more appealing than paying a man to undress and gyrate on you. Women are complicated in regards to what makes them feel sexy. I guess that's why there are a lot more female strip clubs in the world. Anyhow, the special circumstances of my girlfriend's bachelorette trip required me to book a dancer as part of our day's activities. I'd like to give Gabriel 10 STARS for making the bride-to-be happy and getting the job done, but that may be misleading to imply that everything was perfect. It wasn't… but still, I would recommend this company. Let me explain…First the imperfections… It was a bit of a process to book everything. I wasn't sure if they received my inquiry and I had to follow up with a call two days later. Granted this was a bit short notice, but a lot of dancers my friends selected were unavailable. Gabriel was actually in our third round of picks. This was probably the worst part of my experience because getting phone calls during work hours is not the most ideal. It probably would have been easier if I was the one making the selections but it was done by a few of us. These are very minor issues and didn't bother me (although the latter embarrassed me a little). And finally, while there was no bait and switch, Gabriel was not the 6'1 height his profile said he was – and I felt a bit larger than him in my stilettos. (To be fair, I once had a male stripper in Vegas who asked to take a picture with us, only he wanted a chair to stand on because I was so much taller than him. It was hilarious.) Lucky for Gabe, he wasn't there for me. Gabriel was still taller than the bachelorette in her 6'' heels and that's what mattered. Initially, she was anxious and shy about the whole ordeal, but in the end; she was completely smitten with him. He was professional and very gentle with her. Lots of the girls commented that he was surprisingly sweet while being sexy. Being respectful goes a long way. Having a ridiculous physique and the ability to do acrobatic trick goes even longer! He was super entertaining and gave our party a very well appreciated amp of fun and excitement. KUDOS!

  22. Every time my Fraternity has a party, I always book a dancer from this business. The few times that we booked shows, the strippers are on time, the dancers that show up are nice and professional, and we definitely get our moneys worth. The dancers that have are the ones we picked, talented, and when we are making the bills rain, the dancers tend to stay longer and dance with everyone that is willing. Should I add that the girls were smoking hot and all of my buddies had a great time, you can even recommend what outfits the dancers wear, police uniforms it is! I recommend this business if you are looking to host a frat or bachelor party. Always a great time with this company.

  23. My best friend just recently had her bridal shower in San Francisco and we decided to use Pleasure Strippers. The guys had their party the same night in San Jose and also booked through this company. We asked if we could get a discount since both parties had decided to book through them and they did give us a good deal. We picked out our man Adrian, a oh so sexy puerto rican man and he arrived on time and gave a great show. Unfortunately I do not know the name of the girl the guys got but they also had a great time and really thought that the girl was friendly and beautiful. I know the guys are too lazy to review so I'm doing it for both parties. The father of the bride was at the bachelor party and said everything was on the up and up and they guys all had a great time. So, this is a great company. Trust me I've booked parties before and it has always been a sucky experience. We never got who we chose and sometimes we didn't even get anybody at all. Go with this company and you will not be dissapointed.

  24. We got a couple strippers for my friends 21st birthday party yesterday in Sacramento. Unfortunately a lot of my friends were kinda cheap but the girls were really hot and everyone had a good time at the party anyway. Next time, I'll invite some more high rollers. I don't have a whole lot of experience with strippers but these were the hottest and coolest ones I've seen.

  25. We ordered a strip-o-gram which is a 15 min show. This was perfect for us because we also had dinner plans and we just wanted a quick surprise for our bachelorette. We loved our guy! He was tasteful yet fun, so polite, and hot hot hot! We have two more bachelorette parties coming up and will definitely utilize their services again!

  26. I have used Pleasure Strippers for many years now and have always been very pleased with their service. I have always gotten the dancer of my choice! I have even referred my friends to this service and they have been very happy with it. We've hired men and women and their employees really do put on a good show. I have tried other companies as well and have always been incredibly disappointed. It's really nice to know that there is an honest company out there that understands how important people's events are when there are too many awful companies that don't give a crap. I would definitely recommend Pleasure Strippers to everyone!

  27. I had to delete and revise my original review because management fixed the problem- hence 2 stars. I appreciate Adam (manager) fixing problem and working with me in explaining situation. Without going too much into details, I'm empathetic to company and do NOT want to penalize their business. There are many positive reviews on their website from other customers other than yelp. I suggest reading other customer's reviews directly from their site to get feedback on individual strippers.I originally booked Michael#50 but he couldn't make it last minute so he had a replacement come. Our group had a great time but we wished our original pick came instead……nevertheless it turned out to be a great party. Our bride/bachelorette had a BLAST!

  28. I actually had one of your men at MY party when I got married and he was fantastic!

  29. We hired two beautiful women this last Saturday night in San Francisco. They did an excellent job. All the guys had a great time and none of us had to feel bad about ourselves the next day. It was a wild show but they kept it clean. We will definitely use this service again and try to spread the word.

  30. This is the best company I've used for adult entertainment. We hired three girls for a bachelor party. The company recommended one girl first and then two girls later to top the night off. The shows went so smoothly. I was very surprised to actually get all three girls that we had chosen. They did a great job! We had our party at the W Hotel in San Francisco and the girls were discrete when arriving which was much appreciated. What a flawless show!

  31. We’ve used your company a couple times in the past and have always had great service. We decided that we would try a different company for our latest party because their prices were a bit cheaper than yours. Oh, what a mistake that was. We picked a really hot latin guy from their web site. The guy that showed up was ugly, short and skinny! All the girls were so grossed out. I feel really bad about this experience and need to have a do over party. Do you have anyone available this weekend? We’ve learned our lesson and will always use your company from now on.

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