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The Condor Rated B

The Condor

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Condor Club reviews

560 Broadway St. San Francisco, CA. 94133 1-415-781-8222

The Condor is one of the first clubs in San Francisco, opened in 1964, and it has a lot of history inside its doors. Also located on the Broadway strip on the corner of Broadway and Columbus. Parking is a chore so try and find a parking lot downtown and pay for a taxi to get there. One cool feature of this club is during the day they have live bands play and there isn’t just one genre of music that they play.  This place also has a full bar so don’t expect full nudity, it’s either full beer, or full nude in California. The cover charge can be negotiated. The guys outside will throw you a deal if you act like you can find a better price next door. There are so many clubs in a one block radius that all these clubs are competing, just like gas prices. Basic cover charge is $15 and drinks can range from $7 to $15 depending on what you order. They also have a bar only menu that has your classic cafe type food, but seems a little steep for the quality, especially since there are places to eat literally a half block away. The place inside is classy and looks very vintage if you are into that type of thing. There is only one stage and almost all the seats are facing the stage. The strippers can be hit and miss here as well. Most of the clubs in SF are like this, but I tend to like it because you may find exactly the type of dancer you’re looking for. From large, small, tats, or piercings, keep your mind open to opportunity. This is one of my more favorite clubs on the Broadway strip and I would frequent this place if I was in the area.

Click here to visit their website! www.condorsf.com

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  1. i come here in the afternoon when im bored. they have live music until 6, and then these big curtains come up and a bunch of strippers come out! you can imagine my surprise haha. I think they charge like a $15 cover or something like that.

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