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The Roaring 20s

The Roaring 20s

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The Roaring 20s reviews

552 Broadway St. San Francisco, CA. 94133 1-415-788-6765

The Roaring 20′s is a Broadway Club located near the North Beach District. No matter coming from the East bay, or the 101 Highway, you are going to have to drive through San Francisco. This club , along with most in SF, does not have a garage, so factor this in while budgeting your visit.  There is a parking garage a half block from the club, but assume on a busy night it will be packed, since it’s only big enough for about 40 cars, and the employees have to park somewhere. Best advise is to park downtown and take a taxi if you have the extra cash. The cover charge changes constantly depending on the day, how many people are with you, and how busy they are. There are times I’ve had to pay $20 and times when I got in for free. The dancers can be a hit and a miss at most of the Broadway clubs. I would recommend going on a Thursday or Friday night and looking at the dancers standing outside before you go in. They have many different types of women, ranging all sizes and nationalities, so there is a little bit for everyone. The single stage has two poles, there is a VIP sky lounge and you can pay for private dances. Prices are on the fly here, all can be negotiated and depending on what the dancer looks like, do your best to get the cheapest price. The strippers that have the strength are great on the poles, but there are some that can’t do much. By the way, this is a full nude club, so no alcoholic drinks my friend. If you are looking just to check it out, come to the door before 12pm, when they open, and you can get in for free, but you get what you pay for. This is not my favorite club on Broadway, but if they waved me in, I am always up for a free show.

Click here to visit their website! www.roaring20ssf.com

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  1. The 20s really weren’t that roaring. For the record.

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